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Expansive Mortar

Description:CrackMax expansive mortar, stone cracking powder, Soundless Cracking Agent ( SCA ) are Non-explosive demolition agents , is to be commercial products that are an alternative to explosives and gas pressure blasting products in demolition, mining, and quarrying. To use non-explosivedemolition agents in demolition or quarrying, holes are drilled in the base rock like they would be drilled for use with conventional explosives. A slurry mixture of the non-explosive demolition agent and water is poured into the drill holes. Over the next few hours the slurry expands, cracking the rock in a pattern somewhat like the cracking that would occur from conventional

Non-explosive demolition agents offer many advantages including that they are silent and do not produce vibration the way a conventional explosive would. In some applications conventional explosives are more economical than non-explosive demolition agents. In many countries these are available without restriction unlike explosives which are highly regulated.

These agents are much safer than explosives, but it is important to follow directions closely in order to avoid steam explosions during the first few hours after these materials are placed.

Soundless Cracking Agent is a non-explosive demolition agent that has the ability to safely demolish rocks and reinforced concrete, cement without producing noise, vibrations, debris launches or environmental
pollution, To carry out the demolition CRACKMAX requires only the drilling of the rock or cement to be able to drain the CRACKMAX and water mixture into the holes. The demolition is completed with utmost safety without the use of protection as in the case of explosives.
Product features:
Max.fast cutting time within 45 minutes to crack granite block in quarry,average cracking time Such as black Galaxy less 2-3 hours, Tropical Brown 3-4 hours,Safe and easy use, and high quarrying productivity, cracking time under control,Without blown-out shot during quarrying application.
Crackmax Stone Cracking Powder----An alternative of Explosive and Blasting in quarring.
CrackMax Expansive Mortar can be used safely, while providing controlled expansive cracking. It can also be used to achieve the perfect slabs and blocks from onyx, marble, granite, or any other type of stone. as non-explosive, soundless and safe demolition agent provides the most technically suitable, environmental friendly and cost-effective alternative solution in dimensional stone application.


1 Plastic bag: 5kg                         1 Carton: 20kg (4 bags)
20ft Container loads 27T (1350Cartons);                20ft Contaier loads 26T (1300Cartons);   MOQ:54T                                                                         MOQ: 26 T
Marketing and Sales:
For South of India, our appointed SOLE AGENT - Maansi Exim.

Factory Workshop

Fast splitting time under control to assure high quarring productivity and efficiency, Such as Black Galaxy less 2-3 hours, Tropical Brown 3-4 hours, Tan Brown 5-6 hours, South Africa red less 2-3 Hours.
Easily choose type no from -5degree-40degree, CI, CII, CIII, upon local quarry are temperature.

Easy and safe usage: Just mix Crackmax chemical powder with 30% water, pour into holes, and then it expands to crack. It is environmental friendly. It releases no toxic or harmful substances of any kind.

Crackmax Soundless Cracking Agent are now more and more popular in the leading world’s dimensional stone quarrying countries such as Spain, India, Saudi, Brazil, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia etc.
Total 50 containers(1,300 tons)Prostar are being exported monthly to the world’s famous quarries area at present.