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Description:X-bits tend to drill round holes in all rock conditions.The steel support in the narrow parts of
the X becomes inadequate in X-bits smaller than 64 mm because of the restricted circumference.
Where straight hole accuracy is required in hard, abrasive ground, blade bits of cross bit and X-bit are ideal, as they tend to resist gauge wear better than button bits. Generally, blade bits are not as productive and
yield higher drilling costs than button bits. In addition, blade bits generally require more frequent
sharpening than button bits because of the less wear resistant carbide grades on the face.
Product features:
Premium designs and steel and premium tungsten carbide inserts, Offers industry-leading strength and penetration rates for more productivity,Excellent straightness and hole clean quality, Get max.drilling performance for rock drill with long life to save up fuel cost rate.

                         S1-51R32                                       X1-64T38


Technical Specifications