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Chisel Bit

Description:Chisel bits is suitable for mining of black metal mines(such as iron mine/ manganese ore), nonferrous metal mine(such as gold/silver/copper ore), marble and granite etc.Its drilling depth usually is 15m-18m in case of hardness grade F8-14. At present, there are Horse Shoe Bits and Chisel bits. Chisel is more popular in Saudi, and it's suitable for hard rock drilling.
It is widely used in drilling holes with a depth size less than 5 meters and diameter scope in 20-45 mm by light-duty hand hold drills, Like Y6, Y10, Y24, , major use in natural dimensional stone quarry for
small hole drilling, block ‘s trimming and 2nd splitting for small blocks. To match Hexagonal 22 mm and
Hexagonal 12 mm’s tapered drill steel with 4 、6、7、11、12 degree , All tapered chisel bit are made with
high quality of raw material through special heat treatment, The deliver capacity are very strong and can
completely meet customer’s requirements on delivery design
Product features:
Premium designs and steel and premium tungsten carbide inserts(cemented carbide bits), Offers industry-leading strength and penetration rates for more productivity,Excellent straightness and hole clean quality, Get max.drilling performance for rock drill with long life to save up fuel cost rate.
Tapered chisel drill bit specifications
  • Type: chisel bits
  • Size: 19mm,22mm,25mm
  • Diameter: 32-42mm.
  • Taper degree: 4°6°7°11°12°
  • Package:in wooden case or in carton.
  • Productivity: 10000pcs/month

  In addtion to tapered chisel drill bits, we also provide thread drill tools, taper drill tods, down the hole drill tools, rock anchors, taphole drilling and quarry drill tools and more. These drilling tools are of high quality and at low low price. We welcome you to visit us and try our drill equipment.

رأس الحفر المنقاش المدبب:
  يستخدم كثيرا في حفر الثقوب ذات عمق أقل من 5 أمتار و قطر يتراوح بين 45-25 مم. و إضافة إلى هذا المنتوج توفر كذلك شركتنا أداة الحفر اللولبية، قضيب الحفر المدبب، أدوات الحفر تحت الحفرة، مثبتات الصخور و أدوات استخراج الحجارة و العديد من المنتوجات الأخرى. وكل هذه الأدوات عالية الجودة و منخفضة الأسعار.
·   الحجم: 19 مم ،22 مم ،25 مم
·   القطر:  100-26 مم
·   درجة المخروطية:12º,11º, 7 º,6 º,4 º
·   الإنتاجية:10000  قطعة في الشهر

Technical Specification



  Y1-34-6 22-80                      Y2-34-6 19-80


           Y3-34-7 22-76                                 Y3-36-7 22-76