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Extension Rod

Description: extension rod, other names are Extension drill steel, Extension drill rod, and Extension steel, M/F rod ( Speedrod ) , Produce Hexagonal and round cross sections, Hexagon rods are more rigid, heavier and transfer energy more efficiently, while increasing flushing. Round rods are generally lighter than
hexagonal rods and are normally used in extension drilling applications. With the longer steel tending to be larger in diameter, conventional extension steel is characterized by a duplicate thread on each end of the

Male / Male rod, Male/Female (M/F) Rod -Speed rod

M/F drill steel is an alternative to couplings sleeves to include the female part of the threaded connection as an integral part of the drill steel. M/F drill steel provides more rigid connections and is easier to uncouple
and handle. The service life also tends to be better than with separate couplings.

For Extension Rod and M/F steel process, the below two different types of heat treatment are used to
strengthen high speed and powerful percussive drill string components to maximize their performance and

- Carburization is a process used to harden the entire rod surface both internally and externally to
strengthen and extend the life of the rod.

- High Frequency Induction is a process where only the thread ends of the rod are hardened to lengthen
thread life.

Pro-drill ’s comprehensive range of bench and production rock drilling tools includes everything from 1''
rope thread equipment all the way up to T60 thread equipment, Many customers say that the Pro-drill rods, tubes and button bits are the best on the market today. Let’s just say they will improve productivity


R25 (1'')
R28 (1 1/8'')
R32 (1 1/4'')
R/T38 (1 1/2'')
T45 (1 3/4'')
T51 (2'')
T60 (2 3/8'')
Drill bit R/T38
Extension rod T38 - Hex. 32 mm - T38
Extension rod T38 - Round 38 mm - T38 (Speedrod)
Extension rod R38 - Round 38 mm - R38
Extension rod T38 - Round 38 mm - T38
Extenstion rod T38 - Round 38 mm - T38 (with double thread)
Guide rod T38 - Round 45 mm - T38 (Speedrod)
Guide tube T38
Coupling R/T 38

Product figures:
Heat treatments of Carburization, High Frequency Induction are used to strengthen high speed and powerful percussive drill string components to maximize their performance and reliability. M/F steel include: easy handling, quicker uncoupling, tighter connections, the potential to drill straighter holes, and longer service life.

Technical Specifications



T38 Extension rod, Round, Male - Male




T45-MF rod


MF rod-GT60-Round