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Steel Grit

We are specializing in producing Bearing and Angular Steel Grit. Our company adopts special production technology and advanced production equipment to produce various sizes of Angular Steel Grit. Our products are made of well-chosen alloy steel as material and their production strictly execute national standard of Angular Steel Grit. We continuously absorb international and domestic advanced production technology, and own perfect technique testing method and establish complete quality system. Our special Angular Steel Grit has the advantages with high density, less air hole, more angularity, high intensity and so on. The comprehensive capability of our products have reached international advanced standard. It has excellent wearability,lower consumption, compared with some foreign
famous brands and has got the good reputation from customers.

Bearing Steel Grit as granite gang-saw machine consumable, are used with water and lime as mixture with gang saw blade to saw the granite blocks into slabs, jumpo gang saw made in Italy, many brand like Barsonti, Bruton, Pellegrini, Simga,.
One gang saw normal size 4500mm in with, need to consumable 7 tons steel grit for one monthly, for jump gang saw 5500 in with, need 10 tons per month. our Prodrill Bearting Steel Grit sawing performance can reach over sea famous brand like Armi, Marga , Premton, Sigma, Ikka, wheel brator etc.

Bearing Steel Grit is a super quality steel grit for granite saw

Steel Grit

Our bearing steel grit are made of chrome alloy materials.After heat treatment ,it is featured with optimum mechanical characteristics,good tenacity,high fatigue resistance,long working-life,low consumption.And it have 30% saved.

TYPE: G18, G25,G 40


Raw material is non casting bearing steel, it is crushed after quenching, then 

it is tempered.Product features with wear resistance and high impact toughness.


Steel Grit(Hardness)  60HR(such as G40, G25, G18)


This type is specially developed for granite cutting with stable performance, uniform grain size and high wear resistant. It has been approved by our 

customers that angular 

steel grit are sharper, faster cutting speed than arc steel grit and sawing surface finished 

is flatter and smoother.


Material Composition:


Production Procedure




Granite Gang Saw



Granite Slabs