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Hydraulic Breaker

Prodrill is one of the largest and most professional Hydraulic Breaker & Hammer for Excavator as well as spare parts like Breaker & Hammer Chisels, our Hydro.breaker have been exporting to many countries in the world especially Spain, France, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Brazil, Vietnam, South and North America so on with advanced imported CNC Center and strict quality control management, our products have been approved by ISO, CE authority, also we are member of AEM in the line of business.we are sincerely expect to cooperate with reliable clients in long term and welcome come to our place for a visit.

Hydraulic Breaker

CE certification,
Long durability and Stable performance,
Easy-control Without side-weight,
Reducing threat and chisel breakage.

Prodrill Hydraulic rock breaker is powered by an excavator or loader pump provides pressure oil,it can dig a fundamental role in building a more efficient clean up floating rock crevice in the rocks and soil. Optional hydraulic hammer excavator modelis based on the principle of the operating environment to choose the mostsuitable hydraulic rock breaker
Hydraulic breaker has become an important tool for the job, it was installed in the hydraulic breaker backhoe loaders (also known as two busy) or wheel loader for crushing operations. Excavator Hydraulic Breaker, also known as hydraulic breaker or hydraulic rock breaker (Excavator Hydraulic Breaker).

Light-duty Hydrauli Breakers: prolong life,steady performance,reliable after-sales service;
Medium-duty Hydraulic Breakers: strict quality management, ideal designing, perfect manufacturing process;
Heavy-duty HydraulicBreakers: powerful hammering,easy maintenance,excellent environmental protection.

Prodcut Structure

Applicable field

Mining—mining, second-time breaking
Metallurgy—clearing slag, demolition of furnace and foundation
Road—repairing, breaking, foundation work
Railway—tunneling, demolition of bridge
Construction—demolition of building and reinforced concrete
Ship repairing—clearing clam and rust from the hull
Others—breaking frozen mu

Packaging & Delivery

Two chisels, a netrogen device with a netrogen bottle, a gauge, all hoses and a maintenance tool box with all necessary tools

Fumigation-free Plywood Boxes For Export

In around 2 weeks after receiving payment

Excavator Mounted machine: