Button Bit
Drill Rod
Shank Adapter
Coupling Sleeve
Blade Bit
Coal Mining Drill Bit
Reaming Tool
Retrac Button Bit
Rotary Drill Bit
Cemented Carbide Grinding
Integral Steel Grinding
DTH Hammer
DTH Pipe
Jumbo Cluster Hammer
Low Air Pressure DTH
Anchor Tools
Sub Adaptor
DTH Bit Profile
Special DTH Bit
RC Tools
Overburden System
Pneumatic Rock Drill
Hydraulic Rock Drill
Excavator Mounted
Paving Breaker
Air Pick
Block Splitting
Block Pushing
Integral Steel Grinding
Polishing and Grinding
Abrasive Consumable
Diamond Blade and Drill


As a customer of Pro-drill products, you also enjoy access to application knowledge, training and technical support.
Pro-drill provides exceptional technical know-how in development, production and application. Our personal understand your drilling needs, and have the services skills to recommend the right drill bits and accessories for the job.
If your application demands are unique, Pro-drill's experienced products developers will produce the customs tools you requires.  Renowned quality and responsive customer services will help boost your productivity, and provide you with cost-effective rock drilling solutions.
Pro-rill always follows every purchase, to ensure that customers extract maximum productivity from their drilling operations. For example, knows that using higher productivity bits reduces the cost of each drilled hole, and the simplest way to cut costs is to drill holes faster, this is our care and R & D cores to develop new products to satisfy the toughest rock formation.
Our efforts in drilling and splitting services and supports for your job have been done,   so that customers can be assured they run a profitable and efficient drilling operation in an increasingly competitive business climates.