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Pro-drill have advanced computer numerical controlled machining centers, and the machining equipment we use are of superb quality. Our premium designs, steel and tungsten carbide inserts from Boart Long year (E6), cemented carbide of E6 is T6. All buttons of the bits are inserted under room temperature or after pre-heating. Namely cold insertion or hot insertion. The steel body of our bits is forged with high grade alloy steel. And the process of steel body is carburizing and quenching.

Detailed as follows:
Mechanical Processing: It is including turning, grinding, boring and milling. Our machinery including CNC center lathes, floor- and table-type boring mills, as well as a universal milling machine.

Heat Treatment: It is a key operation in metal working. Our heat treatment program covers a large number of services, for these processes, we dispose of modern equipment with several computerized multi-purpose batch furnaces and vertical retort furnaces.

Surface Treatment: we offer the full range of surface treatment including cleaning, sand blasting, painting or phosphatizing.

Assembly: Our assembly workshops not only facilitate the assembly of work pieces, but also enable the execution of certified function tests as well as load checks.



Heat Treatment



Mechanical proceeding center: